Meet The Team

  • Ijaz Ali
    Founder / Chairman

    By the Grace of All Mighty Allah today we have set up a new milestone in health sector to help those who are vulnerable and ignored but have the rights to live a long, healthy and prosperous life. I am giving the name of my dearest son to the organization, as this organization is a pet to me. Thus from today the organization will be known as “Hamza Foundation”.

    Hamza Foundation aims to provide Blood Services to the Thalassaemia patients, the ones who have no or less ability to generate blood in a natural way. The organization will not only provide safe blood to the Thalassaemia patients but also trigger a campaign to aware the population about the deadly disease. Not only the Thalassaemia but also any other disease related to the genetic or blood disorders will be treated by the organization on humanitarian basis free of charge and without any material greed. All we want to have a healthy society and smiling faces around us.

    The organization endeavors to work honestly and for this purpose a hospital is being constructed in the same premises with a full fledge blood testing and screening laboratory providing the facility to test Hepatitis “B”, Hepatitis “C”, HIV/AIDS, VDRL & MP on Elisa Computerized equipments. Not only this but for the first ever time in region Hamza Foundation Hospital is introducing a before marriage blood test known as “Hb Electrophoresis” to confirm if a person has the chances to produce a child with Thalassaemia or is safe. The test is suggested for both male and female individuals, to prevent from deadly disease of thalassemia.

    Side by side to safe blood collection/provision activities the organization intends to deliver adequate information and acquaintance about the Genetic and blood related diseases “The most ambiguous issue” that is so far not taken openly and people feel shy to discuss about it and hesitate to disseminate information regarding the topic. Hamza Foundation is taking the responsibility to disseminate the necessary information and knowledge among people to protect themselves from the Genetic and blood related diseases and to lessen the sufferings of the people already suffering from the disease.

    We as an organization and I myself as the Chairman of the organization humbly request to kindhearted, thoughtful individual and the capable organizations to come forward and lend us a helping hand to create a healthy, strong and beautiful society.

    May Allah bless us all, and give us the strength to serve the humanity.


    Ijaz Ali
    Hamza Foundation
    Executive Member
    Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan (TFP)

    Cell: +923219006003


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  • Dr Tariq Khan
    Medical Specialist

    Dr Ann Taylor joined the team at The Dental Clinic in early 2006. Being a member of a large private practice that specialises in implant and cosmetic dentistry has been a great way for Dr Ann Taylor to increase her knowledge and experience in all areas of dentistry.

    Being a general dentist, Dr Ann Taylor has found it easy to diagnose orthodontic problems in children early, as they come in for their regular preventative checks.

    Dr Tariq Khan joined the team at Hamza Foundation Hospital in early 2006. Being a member of a large private practice that specialises in blood services has been a great way for Dr Tariq Khan to increase his knowledge and experience in all areas of blood services.


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