RBCs for Thalassaemia Patients:


Blood is a liquid tissue. Suspended in the watery plasma are seven types of cells and cell fragments.
red blood cells (RBCs) or erythrocytes
platelets or thrombocytes
five kinds of white blood cells (WBCs) or leukocytes
Three kinds of granulocytes
Two kinds of leukocytes without granules in their cytoplasm


Red blood cells are responsible for the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
White Blood Cells (leukocytes)

White blood cellsĀ are much less numerous than red (the ratio between the two is around 1:700),


Hamza foundation welfare hospital provides the Blood to the Thalassaemia patients most of these patients are registered with the organization and take regular blood transfusions from the hospital free of cost. The Thalassaemia patients registered with other organizations if cannot get blood there also take the services of Hamza Foundation Welfare Hospital. We encourage the people to register the patients of Thalassaemia with Hamza Foundation Welfare Hospital if they know someone in their families or surroundings.


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